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Online Classes and Mentor Support SPECIALLY Designed for those who do not have a formal background in UX Design

Join the 20 weeks live UX Immersion online classes to become job ready. Learn all about building easy to use, intuitive and beautiful digital products.

2L INR   40,000 INR

80+ hours of Online Classes that you can learn in your own time and schedule.

20 Mastermind Sessions  (1/week)  for doubt clearing, learning extra topics, Q and As, revision live with your mentor

35+ Assignments

2+ Capstone Portfolio Projects

Basics of UI Design & Best Practices

Understanding Stakeholders

User Research and Testing

Wireframing and Prototyping

The most effective system to help you gain
confidence as a UX designer

Each week you will receive your weekly class recording that you can watch and take notes of in your own time. If you have any doubts, you can post it in the Mastermind group or ask in the Saturday Mastermind session.


Attend 2 hours of live and exclusive Mastermind sessions each Saturday where your course mentor will answer your questions and resolve doubts in live sessions. You will get to know your peers and learn from them.

Work on the assignments that will help you in creating a strong portfolio. Ask for doubts in your 1:1 mentoring sessions or during Mastermind sessions.

Get peer-review on your work. Each week you will be assigned to a new peer group. You will get and receive feedback from them.

Get 1:1 mentoring and portfolio critique session with your mentor
Graduate with solid UX education, a network of fellow UX Designers and projects for your portfolio.

Upon completion, you get a certificate of completion. Some exceptional students get certificate of excellence.

Get mentored by the person who has trained folks at

This is a course for you if you are

✅ Beginner UX/UI designer who is looking for some formal training in Design and UX Basics

✅ A developer wanting to make better products

✅ Product Manager who wants to understand what makes a product useful

✅ Graphic Designer wanting to transition into UX Design as a career

✅ An entrepreneur who wants to create their own product

✅ Anyone who wants to build a successful and fulfilling career as a UX Designer

This course is NOT for you if you are

❌ You are looking for Edutainment and are not ready to commit your time and energy to learn and master a new skill. This course requires around 5-7 hours/week

❌ You are only checking out the course and looking for some quick shortcut to get a job

❌ You are expecting to learn some fancy process to adorn your CV and Portfolio. My focus is to teach you stuff that actually works in the real messy world outside.

❌ Looking to get a one size fit all Portfolio template

Contribute for Real!
Learn to create UX for the messy problems
in the real world

I was a dreamer. I thought everyone loves UX and will get it!
After all, I knew all the design processes that exist. My Design College was a fantasy land. Everything was about perfection and following the plan and the process.
However, college did not tell us how to work in the real world.

Once I graduated from the Design School, I thought all I needed to do was to apply all the great design and research processes that I learned in college and the outcome will be great.

My dream did not last for long. I soon realized, the real world is messy where UX designers are working not just for their end-users, but for the business stakeholders.

The deadline was always yesterday, and the faster you can ship, the more valuable you become.

It was a cultural shock, but in the past 7 years, I have evolved into a UX practitioner who works not only for the benefit of the users but also for the business. I combined my knowledge of processes with the real-world needs to deliver results. I also created a community Design Jungle, which today is India’s biggest design community, to educate and create design awareness.

But, every now and then, I find many aspiring designers who are sold this idea that as designers they will always have ample time to do user research and then design a product, or every stakeholder will understand the value of UX, or a so and so process will lead to them building a perfect User Experience.

This is why I have created this course, to teach you THE PRACTICAL STUFF that works and the MINDSET that designers need and many times do not want.

Become Job Ready in 20 Weeks

Course Duration- 5 months

Module 1 - What is UX Design

✓What is Design

✓ What is Human-Centered Design?

✓ What is UX Design?

✓ Understanding Usability and Why it is important

✓ Who can be a UX Designer?

✓ Differences between UX and UI Design

✓ The Mindset to be a successful UX Designer

✓ UX Design as a Career Path

✓ UX Designer in an organization – where will you fit and expectation

Module 2 - The Stakeholders

✓ Who are Stakeholders 

✓ Types of Stakeholders 

✓ Establishing rapport with stakeholders for your success

Module 3 – The Fundamental Psychological UX Principles
Module 4 - UI Fundamentals

✓All about the basic UI Fundamentals, the good practices

✓ Typography – The Terminology

✓ How to combine Typefaces

✓ Colors Basics

✓ HSB Colors and how to use them

✓ Whitespace

✓ How to use Moodboards

Module 5- Development for Designers

The one of a kind module aimed at helping Designers gain a perspective of how Developers work and design so that it is easy to collaborate with them

Module 6 - Understanding the Business Goals

✓ Understanding Assumptions 

✓ 4 Types of Assumptions

✓ Problem Statement – Existing Product

✓ Problem Statement – New Product

✓ Subject Matter Expert Interview

✓ Proto-Persona 

✓ Customer Journey

✓ 2 Approaches Onwards

✓ BONUS – Questions to be asked

Module 7 - Understanding Users - Primary and Secondary Research

✓ Type of Research

✓ Qualitative and Quantitative 

✓ Primary and Secondary Research

✓ Screener Questions

✓ Surveys

✓ User Testing

✓ User Interviews 

✓ How to talk to Users – do’s and don’ts

Module 8 - Aligning Business and User Needs

✓ Prioritizing with Impact Effort Scale

✓ Review the Persona and Problem Statement

✓ Lightning Decision Jam

Module 9 - Ideation and Inspiration Techniques

✓ Sketching

✓ Crazy 8

✓ Lightning Demos

✓ Braindump

✓ Some other techniques

Module 10 - Basics of Information Architecture

✓ Setting up the structure of the product

✓ Navigation

Module 11 - Wireframing and Prototyping

The students will already be proficient with Prototyping by the time they reach to this module. This module will cover the deeper strategic part of Prototyping

✓ Wireframing

✓ Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

✓ Moodboards

✓ High Fi Prototype

Module 12 - Testing and Validating

✓ Type of Testing

✓ Down the Hall Testing

✓ How many users

✓ How to find users to test

✓ How to ask Question

✓ Rapid Iterative Testing

✓ Tools

✓ Remote Testing

✓ Documenting Learning

Module 13 - Portfolio and Case Studies

Learn how to write case studies and prepare Portfolio to showcase your work.

Bonus Class 1 – Figma 101
Bonus Class 2 – Nielsen Norman Heuristics and Audit

In these 4 months, you will get

✅ 3 Hours Live Classes Every Saturday for 16 weeks – $1920

✅ Portfolio Review Session- $120

✅ Up to two 1:1 sessions with Jagriti – $160

✅ Weekly Assignments

✅ Portfolio Projects

✅ Peer – Reviews

✅ Bi-weekly Doubt Sessions on Sundays – $320

✅ Free Annual Access to LMS and session playbacks

✅ Bonus – UX Audit Course worth $200 included with this course and more

 SAVE ₹12,000 with 1 Time Payment

1 Time Payment 20 Weekly Installments

Total Fees 2 Lakhs  

₹ 40,000 ( $ 543)  now

The next Batch starting in August

Only 30 seats are available at this price.

The course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

 ₹2600/week for 5 months

20 easy installments of ₹2600 each

Total Amount – ₹52,000 for 5 months on this plan

The next Batch Starting in August

Only 30 seats available

Wondering, why does it cost so less?

If you have done your research right, this would be one of the least expensive courses on UX you will find online. In fact, the next batch will be atleast twice the current price.

If you are wondering why this course is offered for a fraction of the other courses you find online, read the story here


This education will pay for itself


The average UX salary across 107 countries


The average UX salary for UX designers with 0-3 yrs of experience


The average UX salary for UX designers with 0-3 yrs of experience in India

The industry demands good UX Designers and is willing to pay well. The problem is there are not enough UX designers. Since, UX is a relatively newer field and an important one, more than your years of experience it is the quality of work that matters.You can choose to be a UX Designer in an organization or a freelancer, the chances are a fraction of your first UX project will pay for this education. UX Designing is one of those professions which transcends boundaries and you can be working with people across the world. In the Post Covid world, you can be working for an MNC in USA/ Europe sitting from any remote location. In my 7 years of being a UX designer I have personally worked with people across the world and the only thing that ever mattered was the quality of work.

But wait, who am I?

I am Jagriti Pande, a UX Practitioner, Design Coach, and Painter who loves to practice and teach UX Design and creative thinking.

I have had the fortune to be invited to speak at various design conferences and events at companies like Google, Paytm, General Assembly and many more. Trained in fine arts, User Research, and Design, I post-graduated with a Gold Medal from NIFT. I am also a Certified Design Sprint Master.

I am the co-founder of UX Gorilla ( a brand of ElpisDesign LLP) which is a Product Development Agency. We help our clients in India, USA, UK, Mauritius, and Singapore build and launch their digital products.

For the last 7 years, I have trained close to a thousand design aspirants, practitioners, Product Managers, and entrepreneurs.

I am also the co-founder of Design Jungle which is India’s biggest and most active Design Community. We conduct workshops, talks, panel discussions, and speaker interactions with industry experts.

In 2018, I also launched my online course on UX Audits. This course is for anyone who wants to build usable products but does not have resources to conduct elaborate user tests and research.

Though, I never planned on becoming a teacher or a mentor, looking back the most satisfying and successful part of my career so far has been mentoring many aspiring designers along the way. Some of my mentored students are working in some of the best organizations and some are entrepreneurs

200 +

Workshops Delivered


UX’ers & PMs mentored
If you can have Jagriti as a design mentor, you are through in life. I’m still reaping out of what I learned from her almost 3 years ago and from a total of 6 hours of a mentoring session.
If you have her, helping you, for your product design, then 70% of your worries regarding the success of your product is off your shoulders and the only job left is to get it to the right market.
To be able to relate with my recommendation, just check out any of her webinars or interviews which happen 3-4 times in a month

Ankush Sehgal,
Founder of Worthy Network

Jagriti Pande is a Design Veteran. She is one of the best Designers to learn from in the Design Industry. With Knack for problem-solving, lots of Practical experience and above all empathy for the users.

I have learned a lot from her Design Mentorship in the last 2.5 years. A big part of everything I know, and who am I comes from her

Rohan Mishra,
Product Designer at Zomato,
Founder Design Sundays

This review is a note of thanks to an amazing mentor- Jagriti, who led me through this wonderful learning experience- and an experience aimed to be a ray of hope for anyone who might have self-doubts regarding learning about UX and not be able to go for a professional degree.

I had been learning about UX on my own for past one year and felt the need to go for a professional course to learn about basics in a structured format and have a group of peers to bounce back thoughts and learn/work together. Self-paced online courses had not worked for my case.

“What you are seeking in the universe is seeking you!” – a quote from book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

July 2020, Thats when I found UX Immersion Program 2020 by Jagriti Pande. These 4 months of Saturday classes over Zoom and weeks filed with interesting assignments has shaped 2020 to be the most fruitful year for me in a decade, personally and professionally. It’s not only the course content that’s is well thought of, it was equally the people I learned along with who have left a deep impact on how I do things now.

I proudly call my transformation journey of these 4 months to be of one who seeked beautiful solutions to one who now seeks meaningfully beautiful solutions!

The content and the coach of the course are unmatched and I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to put their learner-selves into it. Rest would be handled by Jagriti, trust me.😁

Arshla Jindal
Lead Software Engineer at Adobe


Is there something you want to ask us? Read the FAQs

Question - How will the program delivered?

The program is going to be delivered online as a mix of Live classes and pre recorded sessions. Every Sunday, throughout the duration of the program you will receive the recorded online classes that you have to complete till Saturday. On Saturday, you and your peers from the cohort will have a live Mentor session where you could ask questions, do a revision or learn new topics. 

Question - What happens if I do not complete the classes for the given week?

Since it is an immersive experience  it is best if you complete all the sessions on time. However, if you could not, you can still watch the sessions in your own time. As students you will have annual access to the entire course.

Question - When will these classes take place?

The Session for the week will be available every Sunday and you will be notified about it on your registered Email. 

The Live Mentor Session will be conducted every Saturday, 3 PM -5 PM


Question - I am interested in the course, but cost is an issue for me, what do I do?

This course will pay for itself. Most of the students who complete all the assignment and learn dilligently are able to get a job or advance within their organization. This leads to better financial position. That is why I am giving 3 scholarships and you also have the option to pay in installments. 

Question - Will I build projects for my portfolio?


The aim of this program is to make you Job Ready. You will work on projects for your portfolio as well as on weekly assignments to improve your design skills

Question - I watched the session, but I have some doubts. How do I clear them?

Each Saturday, you and your peers will have a 2 hour Mentor Session live with Jagriti.  It  will be aimed at answering questions students have.

1:1 Sessions

Each student also gets two 1:1 session with Jagriti where they can book a session during the course duration and ask for their questions and concerns.

Each student also gets 1 Portfolio Review Session. 

The UX Immersion program will also give you access to a close community of your peers and a forum where you can ask questions and get answers. You will also have peer to peer reviews where you will get constant feedback on your work.

Question - Can I enroll in the program anytime of the year?

This program is a cohort based Program which means that you can only enroll if there is an upcming cohort.  Once a Cohort is live and for some reason you do not enroll in it, you can enroll in the next Cohort. The dates of upcoming cohorts are announced on the website and you can enroll in any cohort to get started. 

Question - How much time will I need each week?

You’ll want to set aside 6-8 hours a week for 20 weeks (and if you’re committed to learn and build a fulfilling UX career, t’s the best time investment you’ll ever make). Here’s how that breaks down:

  • You’ll watch around 3-4 hours of class for the week
  • You’ll do you your assignments and homework ( 2-3 hours)
  • You may also want to set aside additional revision time
  • Spend 1 hour/ week sharing and receiving feedback. 
What happens if I do not like the course?

This Program is created for you to have maximum benefit and have the best learning experience. If for some reason you do not like the program, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days.

What happens if I do not complete all my assignments on time and the program is finished

The program duration is for 5 months however you will have access to the entire classes for an entire year from the time you started the course. You can watch the session and do the assignments in your own time. However, you will not be eligible to have the Peer Review and Mentor Sessions in that case. 

If you still wish to be a part of the next Cohort, you can do so at an additional fee.

Still, have some questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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