Aman Gautam’s talk at Google I/O

The technology in current times has transcended boundaries, but is it relevant for the next billion? Creating value at the grassroots goes beyond the localization.

The problem solvers for the next billion usually get about 16-18 years of education, have access to larger screens, high-speed broadband connections, learning resources and so much more. But an average “Indian” looks a lot different.

Lack of empathy and knowledge of user is often the biggest reason why most projects fail.
In this talk, Aman Gautam, Co-founder of UX Gorilla an Elpis Design discussed different pitfalls, best practices and common frameworks for building an empathy for users that look nothing like you.

This talk was delivered at the recent Google I/O event where he explained how building for the Real India is a bit tricky.

Our culture and norms are different making many products which are created while keeping a certain audience in mind (with common key sets), unfit for the real Indian audience.

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