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Data Informed Design – IDF

Jagriti Pande, Co-Founder – UX Gorilla, was invited by Interaction Design Foundation, Delhi chapter to present a talk on Data Informed Design.

Jagriti shared insights from her own research explaining the role of data in design. She made a case for making quicker and more informed product decisions with Data.

The talk had a great reception from the audience. You can download the presentation here.

Asian Academy of Film & Television – Orientation

Jagriti Pande, our co-founder, was invited as a speaker during AAFT – School of Animation, orientation.

Jagriti talked about how important it is for Animators and Designers to understand their audience. Jagriti further talked about methods for building empathy and how it makes all a difference.

Her talk got a great reception from students and she received a lot of appreciation from the college management too.

Aman Gautam’s talk at Google I/O

The technology in current times has transcended boundaries, but is it relevant for the next billion? Creating value at the grassroots goes beyond the localization.

The problem solvers for the next billion usually get about 16-18 years of education, have access to larger screens, high-speed broadband connections, learning resources and so much more. But an average “Indian” looks a lot different.

Lack of empathy and knowledge of user is often the biggest reason why most projects fail.
In this talk, Aman Gautam, Co-founder of UX Gorilla an Elpis Design discussed different pitfalls, best practices and common frameworks for building an empathy for users that look nothing like you.

This talk was delivered at the recent Google I/O event where he explained how building for the Real India is a bit tricky.

Our culture and norms are different making many products which are created while keeping a certain audience in mind (with common key sets), unfit for the real Indian audience.

Invited as Speaker at Google I/O- Jagriti Pande

The Co-founder of UX Gorilla and Elpis Design, Jagriti Pande, was recently invited to the Google I/O event as a speaker.

Her speech was on how bad usability can result in more than just loss in business and ROI.

In this, she mentioned how big brands like Google take a usable design and customer ease of use to their heart.

Speaking of heart, she also mentioned how HEART framework by Google can increase the usability substantially.

HEART stands for Happiness Engagement Adoption Retention and Task success. If you want to read more on HEART framework then click here

The whole Google I/O session was a tremendous success as the audience was remembered the lessons behind all the stories ad they answered it well in the final quiz.

Our Cofounder was Invited at Paytm mentor’s day

Jagriti Pande, Co-Founder of UX Gorilla and ElpisDesign was invited at Paytm for the mentor day on Saturday.

The Event was organized under Paytm’s Open source incubator program.

She as a mentor delivered a speech on Design for Usability covering why design, while being different and aesthetically, pleasing should be usable first.

She explained why creating a design for the first time users is the responsibility of app developers, designers, and their entire team.

You can find her presentation here. 

This event was covered and published by you can click on this link to read the complete details of whatever happened in that event.

Jagriti Pande, Co-Founder UX Gorilla, at Paytm – Build for India

A lot of exciting things are happening here at UX Gorilla. We are super excited to announce that Jagriti is invited to speak at Paytm’s Build for India Initiative on 26th of May. Catch her as she gives a talk on “Design for Usability”. She will share the stage with some of the best in the industry. Here is the agenda for the event :


11.00 am: Introduction to Paytm – Build for India initiative and Open Source Incubator
Speaker: Saurabh Jain, Head, Paytm – Build for India and Head, Delhi Twitter Developer Group

11.10 am: Introduction to Premium APIs of Twitter
Speaker: Saurabh Jain, Head, Paytm – Build for India and Head, Delhi Twitter Developer Group


11:30 am: ‘Design for Usability’ by Jagriti Pande, Co-founder, UX Gorilla

12.00 noon: Talk on role of business development in apps by Ankit Anand, Manager (Business Development, Recharges) at Paytm

12.30 pm: ‘Best practices of Git for organising your Open Source Project’ by Mukul Jain, Mentor, Paytm – Build for India initiative


1.00 pm: Demos by open source project teams

2:00 pm: Networking and Pizza

Register here –

We are in Gurugram now



Being in the business of supporting and bringing innovation, it’s important to be where it’s happening. Gurugram is one such place in India.

On 8th May 2018, we moved our corporate office to Gurugram, India. Gurugram is considered the Silicon Valley of North-India and a home to a lot of homegrown and multi-national companies.

At about 100 meter walk from DLF Phase-1 Metro and Golf Course Road, UX Gorilla’s new office give employees and clients easier access to our office.

If you’re nearby, we’d love to have you at our office and have a coffee together!

Just for that matter, our address is B-14/20, Sector 26A, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India. Just drop an email to Me ([email protected]) or Gaurav ([email protected]) if you’re planning to visit.

Design Delhi:- Event on Idea Generation

After 1 year of success, we recently conducted another Design Delhi event at 14th of April. This time we conducted a Hands-on session on Idea Generation using Design Studio Technique.

This Event was organized at 91 springboard in Gurgaon. It was a successful event with 100% attendance.

Design Studio is a time-boxed Idea generation technique that involves divergent and convergent thinking in an iterative manner. To make the workshop more interesting and challenging, we gave participants a social challenge to solve.

” How might we increase the organ donation in India”

The participants worked in a team of 4 members and learned how to generate ideas as a team.

Design Delhi Idea Generation task

The whole process followed timeboxed periods of working individually, giving feedback and working as a team. Each team went ahead with 3 iterations of sketching and feedback. The participants learned methods of receiving and giving feedback apart from ways to build on the ideas of others.

In the end, each team presented their ideas to the audience. It was a great experience to see how the ideas from one team complemented with what other teams had come up with. Another great lesson was to learn how powerful brainstorming could be if done in a right manner.


1 Year Completion of Design Delhi

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Design Delhi, our Community completed 1 year today. Thanks for all the love and support that you showed for this community initiative.

At Design Delhi’s Anniversary, we are conducting another Design Delhi Event to mark 1 year of success and this time we have something educational and stimulating for you, techy and creative peeps, out there.

Do you think that brainstorming sessions are a farce?

Do you feel that these sessions are always dominated by someone with a strong voice?

Are you someone who enjoys brainstorming sessions but in the end you do not know what to do next?

Presenting: Design Studio Methodology Meetup

Design Studio is one of the best and proven technique for Idea Generation in the fast-paced environment.
It is the classic implementation of Divergent and Convergent Thinking over a repeated cycle within a group.

Unlike the typical unproductive brainstorming sessions, Design Studio ensures everyone in the team has a voice and everyone is able to share their ideas.
Design Studio is geared towards finding solutions from the start, so you always get high-quality ideas in the end.

If you want to encourage a multidisciplinary culture in your organization where you want the clients, designers, developers, and marketers to work together to generate ideas for a new product, experience, service or campaign, then this workshop is for you.

What will you need?

An open mind, pen, and paper. This is going to be a hands-on workshop and you are going
to get some time to unplug yourself from your screens.
You will work in teams on solving an interesting problem.

Who can join?

Anyone who works with people and requires tools for effective collaboration and idea
generation. You could be a student, a UX professional, a teacher or a social worker.

We hope to see you in our Meetup

See Ya!


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