Design Delhi:- Event on Idea Generation

After 1 year of success, we recently conducted another Design Delhi event at 14th of April. This time we conducted a Hands-on session on Idea Generation using Design Studio Technique.

This Event was organized at 91 springboard in Gurgaon. It was a successful event with 100% attendance.

Design Studio is a time-boxed Idea generation technique that involves divergent and convergent thinking in an iterative manner. To make the workshop more interesting and challenging, we gave participants a social challenge to solve.

” How might we increase the organ donation in India”

The participants worked in a team of 4 members and learned how to generate ideas as a team.

Design Delhi Idea Generation task

The whole process followed timeboxed periods of working individually, giving feedback and working as a team. Each team went ahead with 3 iterations of sketching and feedback. The participants learned methods of receiving and giving feedback apart from ways to build on the ideas of others.

In the end, each team presented their ideas to the audience. It was a great experience to see how the ideas from one team complemented with what other teams had come up with. Another great lesson was to learn how powerful brainstorming could be if done in a right manner.


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