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UX Audits  Using Heuristic Evaluation

In this ebook, you’ll learn all about what is usability, why it matters, what are the different ways to make your products usable, the methods of conducting usability evaluation. We’ve covered 10 Nielsen’s Heuristics in depth with examples and ways to implement them. And lastly, you’ll learn a step by step guide to actually conduct an audit.

Read all the UX Guidelines and methods that you can use and learn to instantly improve the usability of your website, app or software.

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The ultimate guide to reduce shopping cart abandonment

A problem costing e-commerce market a whopping $4.6 trillion per year around the world. This metric is an indicator of how intuitive, helping and trustworthy your checkout process is and helps in understanding the behaviour of online visitors when they come to shop. Most importantly, it can also show where there might be a lag in converting those online visitors to shoppers.

Read how to turn those lost sales into opportunities and increase your conversion rate.

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Is your website trustworthy?

Trust is an important factor for online shopping nowadays, since people have become aware of fraudulent activities and have options to visit other websites. This could somehow result into loss of customers or even loss of sales. Remember! Implementation of trust is a process not an event, it takes time. It is something which is hard to build and easy to lose.

Read all about trust factors within an e-commerce and build Trust among people.
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Design with data

A talk by Jagriti Pande that touched upon how user research can be more than just about user interviews. She shared examples, best practices and framework to help designers take data informed decisions which are unbiased and closer to business goals

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How to create an e-commerce product page that sells

There are several ways to engage people on a website but all of them might not end up getting a sale, if your product page is not designed well.We know that there is no formula to design a good product page, it depends on what suits your company well. But all the ideas mentioned in this ebook can be thought about while designing. We’ll be happy to know if this helps you grow.

Read which element can help you design a better product page experience.

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