UX Audit


Quick and Actionable Expert Feedback on your product’s UX

Find upto 70% of the usability issues in a fraction of cost. Get a detailed report and actionable recommendations to improve your product’s UX.

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Your product needs tough love and fresh eyes

It is really hard to find issues in a product you are creating day and night. We help you avoid those blind spots with our Usability Audit with a completely different and unbiased perspective.

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Data based on 50+ Usability Guidelines

Get a complete breakdown of your product’s usability with 50+ data points to ensure we cover everything.

Beyond a UI Audit

Your users do not use your product as a standalone pages but as a story. We audit your product not just screen by screen, but also keeping in mind the user stories. Unlike conventional usability evaluation, we audit not just the interface but the overall experience.

The UX team at UX Gorilla doing an expert review for an e-commerce client

You build the product, we do your design’s quality assurance

As an extended-arm of your company, UX Gorilla will do your product UX’s quality assurance. You can focus on building the amazing features in your product.

The Audit showcase meeting at UX Gorilla, where the UX Auditor is sharing the Audit insight with the team

Like you, we are agile

Our plug-and-play services can fit in any development methodology. We’ve worked with teams that follow Scrum, Waterfall, and Scrum-fall.

An expert from UX Gorilla conducting UX Audit on a prototype

Any stage of your product lifecycle

Whether it’s a paper prototype or a market-leader product, we can help you find ways to create a winning user experience.

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[cl-review quote=”These guys are the best when it comes to user experience and improving the conversation rate. Unlike most agencies I have worked with, UX Gorilla team always focused more on improving the ROI for us. The results are better than I imagined. Work on your customer experience, it can pay huge dividends.” author=”Manreet Rathore” occupation=” Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor” avatar_image=”5034″ type=”quote” layout=”clean”]
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[cl-review quote=”UX Gorilla helped us in radically transforming the platform into a high octane KPI delivering machine. They encourage you to focus on the right metrics at the right time. Consistently obsessing about numbers is how I think they show real and measurable results.” author=”Bhuwan Bhasker” occupation=”Consultant at Manchester United” avatar_image=”5115″ type=”quote” layout=”clean”]

Frequently Asked Questions

UX Audit helps you get an unbiased and independent review of your UX. Since the review is not impacted by the creator’s bias or internal politics, it is often better for improving a good UX.

UX Audit (also called Expert Review) is often less expensive than user testing, making it a great starting point if you are trying to improve your user experience.

If you’re facing any of the following problems with your SaaS or eCommerce product, we can help:

  • Good traffic, but fewer conversions
  • Enough users, not but enough usage
  • Users found it hard to use your product
  • Enough usage, not enough returning users
  • Everything sorted, but still users not referring other users

We have used our learnings from 50+ audits done in the last 3 years to form a list of 75+ guidelines that helps you discover the most important issues in your product.

We don’t test your product as a set of screens, but instead, we do it as a set of user flows(or stories). Using our audit, you can help identify the different opportunities to improve usability and gamification of your product.

During audits, we also leverage your analytics and other data to help you discover bottlenecks in your product.

We have worked with Startups, Corporates, and Government Organizations and helped them in mission-critical projects.

We are a group of User researchers, Data Analysts, UX Designers and developers who truly believe in the power of great design. Our Researchers have done 1,000+ hours of User Interviews. When not serving our clients, we run the most active design community in India – Design Jungle, which is backed by companies like Google, 91Springboards, Paytm and many more.

Do you Prefer DIY, for now?

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eBook on UX Audits Using Heuristic Evaluation

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Udemy course on UX Audits Using Heuristic Evaluation

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Want to learn from your users instead?

UX Audit or Heuristic Evaluation is a cost-effective way of finding Usability issues. Still, it’s not a replacement of one-on-one usability testing. We can also help you understand how your users feel and interact with your product with one on one usability testing sessions.

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we are the most prominent design community in india with 3000+ members, and our sponsors and partners are Google, Paytm, 91Springboard, MyHQ

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