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UX (user experience) Design is a term that wasn’t there till early 1990 when Donald Norman, a scientist for Apple, came up with this idea of design and solving problems. But time has changed. Currently, UX is one of the most in-demand jobs across the globe, especially in India, and the coming years will be no different. However, the biggest concerns are what tools a designer should focus on to get a job, which city in India offers most of UX jobs, which companies pay more than INR 12 Lakhs a year and many more.

This blog will focus on these concerns and UX as a career in India as a whole.

This is about the UX jobs and it is based on data of 90 companies that pay more than INR 12 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum). The data was collected from 200+ job posts.

We, at UX Gorilla, are conducting research to understand the state of UX Jobs in India. For the ease of data collection, we considered three job posts – UX Researcher, UX Designer, and Product Designer.

We looked for the companies through a number of job portals, Design Institutes, and knowledge share platforms. The job descriptions from these platforms were then looked closely to get the information on salary overview, Wireframing and Prototyping tools, Technical and Interpersonal skills required, Location of the job, Required years of experience, Company size, and type (e.g. startups ).

Once we studied this data, some common patterns emerged. For the sake of relevance of the data, we did not look for job posts older than 3 months. For the companies where we could not find the conclusive data on the salary, we looked at Glassdoor to inform our report better.

Since this is just secondary research, some key findings might be proven false or outdated after the primary research. For example, Dreamweaver is still mentioned in 12% of the Job Descriptions that we analyzed. Practically, it’s hard to find even 1 company that still uses Dreamweaver.

Let’s start with the salary overview of UX jobs in India:


UX Designer Salary Overview

The Average salary from the entire dataset is INR 15.5 LPA.

All the companies listed in the research offer a minimum salary of INR 12 LPA. We’ve also shown a graph to show the salary offered by the job postings that we analyzed.

We were able to dig deeper into the older job descriptions of a few companies. The salary package offered by these companies for the same job post has increased over the last 3-5 years.

Keeping aside the inflation, this increase in salaries signify a rising demand-supply imbalance of UX Talent.

UX Designer Salary
Share of Job postings with respect to Salary

Maximum salary was listed by Google at INR 33 – 37 LPA. Other high paying companies are –

UX Designer High Paying Companies
Other high paying companies

While the average salary for homegrown companies is INR. 15.35 LPA, for foreign companies offering the job to UX designers in India, the average is INR. 15.65 LPA.



The job descriptions for the job in UX domains are filled with a lot of design and prototyping software. Here is the list of tools that we found in the job descriptions:

Tools For UX Designers
List of tools and respective percentage of Job descriptions mentioning them

Overall, more than 80% of the companies asked for wireframing and prototyping in their JDs. Out of these, ~90% have a specific set of tools that they prefer. As the company gets bigger (in terms of salary and company size), the number of tools used becomes higher. For companies with a salary of more than 18 LPA, 4-5 different design tools are used for a UX Design role.

Also, as expected, there is a difference in the tools required for UX Design and UX Research. For example, UX Research jobs at Dell, EMC, and Nutanix that offer a salary of INR 18+ LPA had no mention of wireframing and prototyping tools.



Apart from the tools, there were certain skills and methods that were common in almost all the job descriptions. These include :

User-Centered Design
Responsive Designs
Visual/Graphic Designs
User Testing
A/B Testing
Heuristics Evaluation
Task Flows
Leadership/Influence Skills
Content Strategy
Aesthetics (Iconography, Typography, Colour, Texture and other Style Guides)
High Fidelity Prototype
User Research Storytelling
Information Architecture
User journey
User Interviews
Design Thinking
Design and Brand guidelines
Design Portfolio (Behance Dribbble etc)

UX Designer Demand Location

We considered PAN India job locations. The maximum UX jobs offered are in the city of Bangalore, which is 38%.

UX Designer Demand Location
Percentage break of UX Job locations in India

Years of Experience

Required years of experience varies sharply with the designation of the job, i.e. Lead UX, Senior UX or UX Designer. The average experience required based on the entire data is between 3 – 6 years.

years of experience required
Share of numbers of experience required in UX Jobs

Mentioned below are some companies with the minimum expected experience –

Companies For UX Design Freshers







Mentioned below are some companies with the maximum expected experience –

Top Companies and their experience requirement







NOTE: This data is based on the requirements that were posted at the time of research. Most of these companies hire across experience levels.

Company Size

Large number of the companies, i.e. 72%, have 1000+ employees. Majority of companies with multiple locations inside and outside India have more than 10,000 employees.

The companies with employees size between 1001-5000 have the maximum job postings.

company size for ux designers
Graph showing the Company size (Number of Employees)


UX as a field has grown exponentially in the last decade and it continues to grow. Design principles and design thinking practices are expanding at a fast rate.

This research data is observational, and we can’t assume cause and effect. On the other hand, knowing that particularly well-paid designer frequently use some tool might be a potential sign that this tool is especially efficient or powerful, and that alone could be enough justification for trying out a new tool. Same goes with the other information mentioned in this research.

Some of the key findings from this research include:

  • Salary varies with the designation, i.e. Lead, Senior or Entry level. Although 6% of the companies are paying more than industry standard to an entry level UX Designer as well, e.g. Zoom-car, Atlassian, Google etc.
  • Most companies offering more than 12 LPA have mentioned Axure as a wireframing tool.
  • Most of the high paying companies mentioned AXURE, SKETCH, and Photoshop together.
  • Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Pune have the highest demand for UX Designers in India.
  • Startups (since 2015) with company size of more than 50 offer an average salary of INR 15.6 LPA. Which in fact is the highest average among all other segments.
  • Keywords used on the job postings under the UX design umbrella are : UX designer, Interaction designer, Human centered designer, UX Researcher.
  • Most UX jobs expect the following skills at least: Human-centered designs, High fidelity visual designs, Prototyping tools: SKETCH + Photoshop and Website evaluation.
  • Skills such as Psychology and Leadership are finding their way in the job descriptions.
  • Around 5% of the companies only hire applicants from design colleges. Institutes likeNID, MIT, and IDC-IITB are the most common.


Thank you for reading this far. We hope this research helped you understand the scenario of UX designers jobs in India and dig deeper into the different aspects that can be a deciding factor in lending you a job.


At UX Gorilla, we run a design community – Design Jungle, and after almost 1.8 years of working with the community, one of the most common questions asked by the participants are around the growth opportunities as a UX Designer. Considering INR 12 Lakhs per annum as the baseline, we wanted to see if UX as a career option is as financially rewarding as a career in Tech and Engineering. We hope this will be useful for those who are trying to transition into UX or wish to make a career in it.


What’s next?

This is just observational research, and we are currently conducting in-depth interviews with UX experts around the world to dive deeper and get a better picture of what it takes to be a successful UX designer.

There are a lot of ways through which you can contribute :

  1. Participate in our research – We plan to conduct more research and interviews around UX as a career. We are currently interviewing aspiring UX designers, UX designers, Product Managers, Design Leads / Design Heads and Chief Design Officers around the globe to understand more about the opportunities and challenges in product development. To participate enter your information here, and we will get in touch.
  2. Nominate an interviewee – We are also curating the stories of experts who built a successful career building products. Do you know someone we should interview? Please introduce us by sending us an email at [email protected]
  3. Join our Local Meetup – Design Jungle – Through our meetup group, we are trying to create a space where product people can learn and share from each other. You can find us on Meetup here.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this research, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]


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